Shaping New Worlds is a non-profit educational initiative dedicated to bringing forth a unified paradigm of consciousness. SNW supports the reclamation of an original indigeneity of all peoples and our responsibility to the whole of existence.

Watch This World

Watch this world. See its secrets unfold.

Watch this world. Hear its stories untold.

Watch this world to see all that you can.

Watch this world to uncover the plan.

Watch this world. See the truth without fear.

Watch this world. See the lies disappear.

Watch this world. You won’t be deceived.

Watch this world for what you’re about to receive.

Watch this world. See a better mankind.

Watch this world as new dimensions unwind.

Watch this world. Hold true to belief.

Watch this world provide its relief.

Watch this world as we fill up the space.

Watch this world as we leave with no trace.

Watch this world. It is and is not.

Watch this world. It began with one thought.

Watch this world from the corner of your eye.

Watch this world as other worlds pass you by.

Watch this world. From our bodies life is torn.

Watch this world as another star is born.

Watch this world. Pray to the sky.

Watch this world. Let your spirit fly.

Watch this world. Believe that it’s true.

Watch this world because the world is watching you.


B.J. Rahm



Shaping New Worlds stands with Standing Rock.


The Journey of Standing Rock Teaser

Nahah'c'i Le Okunpi

Clergy Gather in Solidarity with Water Protectors

Veterans to Native Elders in Standing Rock Ceremony


A Prayer to Consciousness and the Repudiation of the Papal Bulls of the 15th Century

Shaping New Worlds implores Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church to rescind the Papal Bulls of the 15th Century that are embedded in a foundational colonial narrative of the United States of America. These papal documents—Dum Diversas of 1452, Romanus Pontifex of 1455, and Inter caetera of 1493—became part of U.S. federal Indian law and policy through the Doctrine of Discovery and continue to affect Indigenous peoples and the whole of society most egregiously. With the presumed authority of these Papal Bulls, the Church granted Christian nations the right to subdue, subjugate, to put into perpetual slavery, to seize the property and land of non-Christians deemed as heathens. There is urgency for the Church to revoke these grevious documents and initiate conscionable change.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas have been living and resisting western invasion and oppression for over 500 years. Imagine if those of Christian faith followed the teachings of Jesus conveyed in Aramaic. When Christ overturned the tables of the money changers, did he foresee the potential for such degradation of a self -proclaimed manifest destiny of progress? Today's presing issues of social, cultural, economic, political, climate, and spiritual justice have root in the West's misunderstanding of Christ's profoundly simple message; "The kingdom of God is within you." In rescinding these Papal Bulls, the Church helps heal this erroneous divide.

This is a plea for the Church and for western society at large to awaken to the whole of Creation. It is a call to stand with Indigenous peoples, honoring a common indigeneity of all of humanity— to the Divine within expressing in a grand design of traditions, languages, and practices. The time is now; the repudiation of the Papal Pulls of the 15th century is a step forward. This is a prayer for Pope Francis, for the Catholic Church, for humanity; it is a prayer to consciousness. 

United Nations Declares Holy See Responsible and Accountable to Indigenous Peoples

Letter to Indigenous Communities of Native America

There is a difficult story that needs to be told. It is shared from an unheard perspective of western society. It involves our European ancestors and the abandonment of our Original Instructions. What if Columbus and others who followed had adhered to ancient protocols and asked permission to enter your sovereign territories? What if they, as refugees and migrants, had chosen to live respectfully upon these lands and with all of the inhabitants? We, their descendants and later immigrants to the present-day United States of America, are visitors in your ancestral homelands. Now after more than 500 years of abuse, we are coming to know you as the wisest of stewards of lands we have claimed our home.

Thank you for remembering and keeping safe what the West has forgotten in its own ancestry. Your languages, values, traditions, knowledge, and ways of knowing have been slowly stirring our memories and awakening us from our deepest sleep. There is much about the western story we do not know—who we are and why we do what we do. American society is psychologically confused and spiritually lost. Our government, institutions, policies, communities, and individuals have committed unspeakable crimes: stealing your lands, the genocidal tactics waged against Native peoples, the desecration of your most sacred practices, the disregard and exploitation of the Earth, and the assimilation into a western society that does not match your values, life-ways, and cosmologies. We are sorry for this arrogance and ignorance. Thank you for remaining, for your presence when the force of modernity tried its hardest to make you invisible. Thank you for your relationship to the land, your ways of healing, and natural laws of governance—even in the West's darkest times of not listening.

Over 2,500 year ago, our European ancestors were unlike those who later followed and came to these shores. There is a particular tradition found at the roots of western civilization, one of the many natural traditions of the West, which is of significance. These ancestors were not scientists, psychologists, or business people as we have become today. They were healers and lawgivers of Original Knowledge. Their practices are not the same as yours. They are different traditions, steeped in an ancient Greek language and the energy of the volcanic Mediterranean region. They do, however, provide access to what Indigenous peoples have long known about the interrelatedness and wholeness of existence.

The West has forgotten the Original Knowledge of its European, Middle Eastern, and Eurasian ancestry. Over the centuries, our minds have become hypnotized by the material world. The West thought it was its right and duty to have dominion over the Earth through its religions, sciences, and development. We justified our actions for the betterment and progress of mankind, when in fact the West has done more to destroy the Earth than any other known civilization. The western mind has become diseased, our psyche spiritually wounded. Thank you for what you have had to endure because of this unconsciousness.

As the fog begins to lift, we hope it is not too late for the West's indigenization—for us to become Real Humans. Our request to remember must be sincere. These ways of life, systems, and institutions are not sustainable when there is no spiritual nourishment that feeds them. We need your help, your expertise, your understanding, and forgiveness. There is a deep grief within this society. Behind our illusionary power structures that privilege our knowledge, ways of learning, and standards of living, there is a despair and anxiousness we cannot even name. It is felt within the land. There is an unsettling that is shaking some to their core, a yearning and aching for what we have left behind.

This story of the West is not without hope. It is our story intimately tied with yours in this dream of creation. The West is coming out of its dark night. It is time for us to responsibly and respectfully take our seat in the circle. Thank you for reserving our place, knowing that only we can fill it; otherwise the circle is incomplete. With your strength, can you look past our weaknesses? We do not know the way forward but turn toward you; we are your brothers and sisters finding our way home.



Blossom House: Home of Awakening Community is located in Fairbanks, Alaska on the ancestral hunting, fishing, and gathering grounds of Dene Athabascans, some of the many First Peoples of Alaska and other northern regions. Blossom House is a non-profit 501(c)(c) organization dedicated to the cultivation of healthy communities through yoga and other wellness modalities that foster an awakening to consciousness. Blossom House offers in-house instruction in yoga and meditation, facilitation of wellness circles, and therapeutic services including trauma-sensitive yoga therapy and Thai yoga massage. In-house classes, therapies, and workshops are offered on a sliding scale basis. Blossom House extends these services into the community as an outreach component free of charge to residential treatment centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, correctional facilities, youth organizations, senior centers, women's shelters, agencies for people with disabilities, etc. while compensating facilitators and teachers for their work.


Sacred Way Sanctuary is an educational and research facility dedicated to the preservation of the Native American horse and other animals that were held sacred to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Sacred Way Sanctuary is bordered by roughly two miles of streams and has been occupied by the Indigenous Peoples of the area since the Paleo period (from between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago). The Sanctuary lies on what was once part of the 1806 Congressional Reservation, the first Federal Indian Reservation in the United States. The ancestry of SWS's founders traces to the Tribes that occupied this land and the Cherokee that were on the Tribal Rolls of this Reservation.


Soul of the Mother: Seeds of the Spirit - Iahkawennahniron - Having a Strong Spirit

Soul of the Mother is located at Six Nations of the Grand River on lands of the Haudenosaunee in southern Ontario Canada. The arbor houses the Sacred Fire of the Thunder that has burned on these lands since 1994 to the present and continuously from 2003–2010. The Sacred Fire represents the love of the Creator and is offered in service to humanity and all of Creation. Many Lodges and sacred places stand on these rich ceremonial lands. Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, Mohawk, is a traditional teacher of this community dedicated to living the Indigenous ancestral ways of prayer and ceremony to build strong Nations. People of all ages gather around the Fire for ceremony regularly, both to give thanks and for healing. The Sacred Fire holds the prayers of thousands of people including the Ceremonial Leaders of many Nations, spiritual leaders of various faith traditions, Indigenous healers, and young people from around the world. The Sacred Fire calls us to remember these respectful ways for our children and for ourselves, and to support communities that live and teach this wisdom. The connection to ancient Indigenous femine wisdom is now called forth in this millennium for hope to create a world of peace, equality, love, and gratitude. We must fall in love with creation if we are to be truly happy. The Code of Life is written on the land.


Peace Service Center Nepal: Shanti Sewa Ashram (SSA) was founded in Kathmandu for the promotion of peace as a reflection of Mr. C.M. Yogi’s effort to bring organizations working in several areas of the society into a common forum. It dreams of fostering selfless service towards humanity through actions towards peace, non-violence and various spiritual and philosophical awareness programs such as discourses, seminars, conferences and worship on a regular basis. For the realization of these, SSA has future plans for running an orphanage, a senior center, a Yoga, meditation and naturopathy centre, an organic farm and a vocational training centre, for underprivileged women.


Language Development Center Nepal: LDC-Nepal is a Nepalese non-profit service organization that seeks to improve the situation of local language communities in Nepal. It have been involved in this work since 2001. LDC's vision is that Nepal’s ethnic communities become empowered to use their own languages as well as Nepali as a means to improve their educational, social, political, economic, and cultural situation.


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Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

Jackie Rahm, PhD